Information for Incoming Students

Information for Incoming Students

E-Mail for Nominations

Nominations deadline

1st Term: 15th August 2014

2nd Term : 15th November 2014

Website for incoming students

Students application site

Application deadline

1st Term : 15th August 2014

2nd Term : 15th November 2014

Specific entrance requirements
(language proficiency certificate, level, …)


Academic calendar

1st Term: 15th September 2014 - 16th January 2015

2nd Term: 9th February 2015-26th  June 2015

Recommended arrival dates

1st Term: 12th January 2015

2nd Term: 7th February 2014

Link to course catalogue index  (incoming students)

Teaching language


ECTS credit system?

 yes           no      

Minimun ECTS credits for enrolment


Other Exchange related information

Orientation session for incoming students


Language courses available for international students (date, costs and/or web link)

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Courses of Spanish Language