We feel the globalization phenomenon every passing day nowadays which of knowledge, capital and human beings circulate from one place to another without any restriction.
People eat similar foods, put on alike garment and listen to same musics in the most of the place of World. They are further informed with each other.People no more accept food which not to be found in their own country when these foods present in another country. 
Thanks to developments of communication tecnologies, they can get information pertaining to products and services from some countries without any necessities to go there. Furthermore, people can be the not only the one who receive the message but also can be the one who sent the message with mass media tools and social media platforms . 
Scales of plants are growing day by day, whole world is becoming subject of their interest. It is just an ordinary case that one firm run its business in a different country and it has suppliers from the several places of the World.
The necessities for the qualifications of human sources change in order to manage complicated these processes. 
The firms need people who grap the world better, communicate with people in different countries easily and understand how new conditions change the world.
İnternational business is a department arise from a need how to manage the change around us.Our department as a primary in this area, aims to have student has peculiar outlook, result-oriented, adaptable for dynamic environment, innovative, entrepreneur, open for improments.
Our department offers to students 7 diffrent language choice in order to improve themselves better.
We encourage our students to not only increase their capabilities for international firms but also set up their businesses and to open them to international markets.
Graduates from the International Trade and Business programme can expect to gain employment in a wide range of careers encompassing positions in many areas such as Finance, Marketing, Tourism and Human Resource Management in both national and international fields. Firstly, they can become administrators in international companies (management, human resources, accounting, foreign trade, international marketing) as Accountants Consultants, Financial Analysts, Human Resource Officers Marketing Managers and Corporate Buyers in Multinational Companies. Secondly, they can work in public administrations and institutions, in areas like cooperation or the promotion of transnational trade. Thirdly, students may work in many national and international NGOs. Finally, they can work in consultancy and guidance in the public and private sectors.