Mission - Vision
For our students:
Within the scope of business science, for the academic excellence of our students, management and organization, accounting and finance, production management and marketing, commercial law; To be among the top ten faculties in our country in terms of education quality in the fields of tourism management, tourism guidance and actuarial.
For business:
Based on the fact that the source of wealth is entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial individuals, to be an institution with advanced governance quality that produces solutions to the problems of the business world, especially in Karabük, with its academic staff and the students it graduates.
For literature:
To be one of the leading institutions that contribute to science by conducting qualified research within the scope of business science, developing existing theoretical knowledge and applications, obtaining new information that will improve the vision of society and our country and presenting it to the relevant circles.
For Karabük:
To contribute to Karabük, which embraces us with its historical and natural beauties, especially in business, management, entrepreneurship, tourism and actuarial issues, to ensure its development and to be a stakeholder that contributes to its wealth.
For our country:
To provide the necessary support, as Karabük Faculty of Business Administration, in order for our country to be among the top ten countries in the world in the business world and economic environment where fierce competition is experienced.
For our world:
In order to leave a livable and manageable world to future generations; To establish bridges between societies through the development of honest trade that will prevail the understanding of responsible business and leadership, to produce remarkable results in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, management and leadership and to present them to the service and attention of the whole world.
It is one of the world's leading Business Faculties with high academic competence, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, ability to work analytically, developed intuition and critical thinking skills, grasping the subtleties of management science and art, able to lead the world as global business leaders, whose graduates are preferred by local and global companies to employ. is to be someone.